8E / 8S Expansion Module

3.1 General information :

Module that adds 8 inputs and 8 outputs to the CtrlEv2 control unit.

3.2 Characteristics of inputs :

A jumper inside the module offers two possibilities of use :

3.2.1 Technical Input or Intrusion

The 4.096v power supply is provided by the module (Right jumper at the bottom and left at the top – refer to the data sheet).

3.2.2 Input of the GTC type

To receive voltages between 0v and + 10v (Right jumper at the top and cavalize at the bottom – Refer to the data sheet)

3.3 Output characteristics :

3.3.1 Individual Static Output

3.4 References :

  • Reference : 8E8Sv2

Download technical sheet : FT-8E8Sv2_1


6.1 Two-Volumetric Radar :

Download technical sheet FT-radbivolNew_1

6.2 Opening sensor :

Download technical sheet FT-do_1

6.3 Smoke detector :

Download technical sheet FT-dof_1

6.4 Shock sensor :

Download technical sheet FT-choc_1

6.5 Water leak detection cable :

Download technical sheet FT-detfuitv2_1

6.6 Temperature sensor :

Download technical sheet FT-tempV1

6.7 Temperature and humidity sensor :

Download technical sheet FT-temphygv2

6.8 Indoor siren :

Download technical sheet 1/3 FT-siren2_1

Download technical sheet 2/3 FT-siren2_2

Download technical sheet 3/3 FT-siren2_3

6.9 Ice break case :

Download technical sheet FT-bbg_2

Centrale CtrlEv2

Interface IP :

Under SNMPv3 protocol

  • Authenticated SHA-1 (SHA-3 under study)
  • Encrypted AES-128 (AES-256 in study)

References :

  • Reference without IP interface: CtrlEv2-CL
  • Reference with the IP interface: CtrlEv2-CEL

Download technical sheet : FT-ctrlEv2cel_1

Download technical sheet of the visualisation card of the CtrlEv2 : FT-ledCv2_1

Download technical sheet to configure the switchs for the ouputs of the CtrlEv2 : ctrlEv2cv1

Radio & voice bi-directional centrale alarm with GSM-GPRS-IP Image

sireneinterieure sireneexterieureavecflash signalisationexterne radarIRPexterieur radar IRPCam radar IRP porteCle4Cdes medaillonurgence centrale emetteuruneentreefilaire detecteurdefumee claviernumerique

Key features :

  • FM two-way radio technology for secure 868 MHz RF noise resistance.
  • IP / GPRS communication with emergency GSM network (voice or SMS) protocol SIA IP via Internet (no need for static IP).
  • 2 programmable relay outputs and 2 integrated wired zones.
  • Siren and keypad integrated in the central programming.
  • Up to 8 detectors to image capture, up to 19 remotes.
  • Consistent with the recommendations EN-50131-3 Grade 2 Class II.

Image capture :

  • Doubt is raised by the picture with alarm pictures sequence (up to 9 photos).
  • Photos are taken on real-time on demand.

Installation Advanced Tools :

  • Programming an intuitive menu from integrated or remote keypad.
  • Advanced remote programming software.
  • List and status of issuers displayed in real time with signal strength indication for each item.
  • Indication of the reception quality of the GSM / GPRS.
  • Walk Test, transmitter test, test the wireless siren, integrated siren test, picture taking test.
  • Up to 4 repeaters (signal amplifier) for large distances between central and detectors.

Accessories :

sireneinterieure sireneexterieureavecflash signalisationexterne radarIRPexterieur radar IRPCam radar IRP porteCle4Cdes medaillonurgence emetteuruneentreefilaire detecteurdefumee claviernumerique