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8E / 8S Expansion Module

3.1 General information :

Module that adds 8 inputs and 8 outputs to the CtrlEv2 control unit.

3.2 Characteristics of inputs :

A jumper inside the module offers two possibilities of use :

3.2.1 Technical Input or Intrusion

The 4.096v power supply is provided by the module (Right jumper at the bottom and left at the top – refer to the data sheet).

3.2.2 Input of the GTC type

To receive voltages between 0v and + 10v (Right jumper at the top and cavalize at the bottom – Refer to the data sheet)

3.3 Output characteristics :

3.3.1 Individual Static Output

3.4 References :

  • Reference : 8E8Sv2

Download technical sheet : FT-8E8Sv2_1