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Perimeter Detection

Perimeter protection as showned by SoFraSur begin by a well perimeter detection of the area to protect. To assume this detection SoFraSur propose and install buried cable to place a few meter before the physical protection.

This detection engage alarm with the place of detection in order to engage deterrents as sound alarm, searchlights, cameras, guard intervention, etc…

If the detected object or person persits in its intrusion and is not dissuaded, a second barrier, not a detection barrier but a physical protection must be implemented.

Perimeter detection

New system of detection for intrusion with buried cable for application that requires invisible perimeter detection.

See the details presentation.

Perimeter protection

It is an electrical fence made up of metallic elements, stainless steel screws and various insulators. It provides a dissuasive electric shock by emitting pulses of 10.000 volts with a pulse time of about 400 µs and even operates during adverse climatic conditions.

Its installation is easy thanks to poles whose length is adapted to the needs of protection of the site and are easy to adjust the level of the height, thus multiple configurations are conceivable.

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Bahia21-Explosive Detection

MO-2M Portable Explosive Detector

MO-2M is a portable steam detector distributed by the French company BAHIA21 capable of detecting the traces of explosives. Used in the screening of people, luggage, goods, vehicles and buildings.

Main points:

Real-time sampling and analysis
Very high sensitivity


RFD-23 No Linear Junction Detector

The non-linear (NJ) RFD-23 portable detector is designed for the detection and detection of devices containing semiconductor components such as :

  • Electronic triggers for explosive devices
  • Radio microphones, including remote control
  • Microphone amplifiers
  • Devices for data acquisition in IR
  • Hidden recording device

The RFD-23 detects which devices are turned on and switched off.