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Pproducts to detect explosive, pouder, drug, …

Bahia21-Explosive Detection

MO-2M Portable Explosive Detector

MO-2M is a portable steam detector distributed by the French company BAHIA21 capable of detecting the traces of explosives. Used in the screening of people, luggage, goods, vehicles and buildings.

Main points:

Real-time sampling and analysis
Very high sensitivity


RFD-23 No Linear Junction Detector

The non-linear (NJ) RFD-23 portable detector is designed for the detection and detection of devices containing semiconductor components such as :

  • Electronic triggers for explosive devices
  • Radio microphones, including remote control
  • Microphone amplifiers
  • Devices for data acquisition in IR
  • Hidden recording device

The RFD-23 detects which devices are turned on and switched off.