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Surveillance Robot


The monitoring robot ensures that an application or a server is working properly. In case of failure of the monitored element (hardware failure, shutdown of the Internet connection, shutdown of the system or shutdown of the configured application, the robot has the task of launching the alerts and trying to raise Of an application.

Installation of the robot

Unzip and launch WX220PACKROBOT

After accepting the conditions of the license unfold the pages specifying :

Monitoring Robot Setup Page


Location of the counter-robot

Select No, I have not deployed a counter-robot yet

Choice of alert options

Select by EMAIL

Alert Option : MAIL

Update according to your settings

Robot_ParametresMailScheduled Task

Specify the operator access session Windows account

Robot_ParametresCompteWindowShared Data Directory

Specify Sharing_AegisHF_Robot

Robot_ParametresRepertoireDonneeswhich creates a network share directory (not accessible to disk directories)

Launch icon

Install the “c: \ AegisHF_Robot \ RobotMonitor.exe” application by right-clicking ‘Create a shortcut’, put it on the desktop and rename it to ‘RobotMonitor’.

Configuring an Application

Start ‘RobotMonitor’

Create a new directory

1st icon on the banner of this application.

Add a new application

Click on the 4th icon and fill in the fields as best as indicated on the following screen reports :