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Safebox with detection of presence and identification of the gun on a LoRa connexion.


Chrome-plated black steel box of 2 mm thick, equipped with a shock detector and various switches:

  • anti-tearing
  • closed box
  • locked box

CoffreEquiped with the module LoRa of SoFraSur this safety box detect the presence of an object equip with a RFID tag and identify this object. The retrieval or removal information of this object is transmitted to a local or public gateway thru the LoRaWan protocol.

If the object is also equipped with an IoT sensor, the automation associated with the LoRaWan gateway ensures that after detecting the presence of the object in its field (about 2 to 5 km), this object has come back its place in the box within a configured time limit.

Information can be send to a crisis management center when :

  • box open
  • alarm detection
  • deposit or withdrawal the object

Opening the box is possible after type a code from 4 to 8 digits number or after receive a telecommand from the supervision management.

Download the documentation.