Management of authorization to take a weapon, software of supervision, integrated tools of real time tracking.
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1 Introduction

Intelligent weapons management system that only allows the removal of a weapon if a senior authority has planned it and the user has been identified. On its return (or in real time on option GPRS), the histories of its use and its trajectory are plotted.

The withdrawal conditions

  • Prior authorization of a higher authority according to the time zones it defines,
  • Different options for user recognition of the weapon :
    • by contactless card and mental code read on a random code keyboard.
    • biometric recognition by certified fingerprint ‘Minex 3’
    • facial recognition when using the ‘BioSeris’ player.
  • The user is either the owner of the weapon itself or a service manager who will give access to several owners simultaneously for increased speed.

2 Locking mechanism

2.1 Long weapons :

Mechanical module composed :

  • An intelligent stainless steel drawer integrating the locking and signaling mechanisms
  • A fixed (or removable) and modular chassis to combine several weapons of different lengths.

mixte-transparent-1000Note : the raised lock of the weapon on the left allowing the withdrawal of the weapon.

2.2 Handguns :

Mechanical module composed :

  • Of an intelligent ABS drawer integrating the mechanisms of locking, signaling and detection (shock, temperature).
  • A fixed chassis specific to each type of handgun.
  • Several colors available for multiple use (differentiate sectors or services, types of weapon).

Several presentations :

2.2.1 Unit module

Position of the handgun charger version inaccessible. Depending on the position of the drawer the weapon is available or locked.

2.2.2 Group Module

2.2.3 Assembled module

3 Features :

3.1 The system ensures :

  • The enrollment of the user and / or his / her supervisor
  • Remote tracking of returns and returns, archiving in historical files.
  • The generation of alarm for weapons forcibly extracted, weapons not taken in time, attacks on locking mechanisms.
  • Remote, secure remote controls.
  • Global unlocking by mechanical emergency locking
  • The overall protection of the premises.

3.2 Supervision :

Any movement of the weapon is visible remotely, remote controls allow unlocking under conditions.


Several modules are available for setting up a complete system.

3.3 Tracking the weapon :

Equipped with the SOFRASUR tracking system, the weapon gives its position regularly (configurable and dynamic period) or during each use. Come back on its support, the weapon is automatically recharged by induction.

4 Scenarios

See scenario

5 Protection of the local :

The control unit installed in the main rack or in a separate enclosure ensures additional protection for the room, temperature and humidity control, water leakage detection.


Control unit integrated in the main cabinet.


Control unit in separate enclosure with accessories.

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6 The SOFRASUR offer :

Download pdf : rack-fr-presentation
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