The software allow all operations about configuration, maintenance, tracing products and exploitation of all equipment or system in situ.

They are divided in several great families. Access to these module are exclusively restrict only to the user with a licence of exploitation deliver by OSERYS Systèmes company.

1. Operator profiles

Manage the rigths of the operator to use the different applications.

2. Cardholder management

Management by the operators to deliver to the cardholder the different authorizations.

3. Configure the equipments

Software to configure the equipments (centrales, modules peripherics, inouts, passages, areas).

4. States & telecommandes

Synoptiques which :

  • visualise the state of the areas and inouts.
  • allow telecommandes to put on/off the alarme process, opening gates, …

5. Tools

Differents tools to be use by the maintenance teams.


Tools to manage alarms or events issued from the equipment after receiving a  TRAP in the SNMP format.

7. Procedures

List of procedures to use the applicatifs.

8. Notices

List of notices to use the applicatifs.

9. Firmware

Processus to download firmware in the equipment as a centrale and in a reader.

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