LoRa tracker

Monitoring and tracing module developed by SoFraSur on the basis of LoRa technology and with the assistance of the French company Kerlink.

LoRa Technology is a new communication tool that offers the different advantages :

  • very small size,
  • great autonomy,
  • great communication distance,
  • security of the communications

It differs from traditional technologies :

  • Carrier current : requires a permanent supply which is prohibitive to connect a single isolated detector, is no longer suitable for renewable energies.
  • ZigBee: Radio technology similar to LoRa but without its advantages, the response times are very long because depend on the number of nodes on the network.

1.1 Supply :

Supply by Induction-powered without visible external contact (must be paired with SoFraSur induction transmitter).

Without external battery the autonomy may reach up to 2 days in normal use and 5 days in rest situation.

The operating times can be extended by the addition of a complementary lithium battery :

  • Lithium battery 100 MA for approximately 10 days of autonomy in intensive use and 90 days in rest situation.
  • Other battery following application and clutter available.

1.2 Basis integrated functions :

Fully configurable remotely, this sensor allows various applications based on the components that are integrated :

  • Cortex MO+ microprocessor whose output inputs allow:
    • External communication by SPI (synchronous series) or SCI (asynchronous series) Link
    • PWM Control & command
    •  TOR Type input outputs
  • 3-Axis Accelerometer
  • Temperature sensor
  • Humidity sensor
  • Tilt contact
  • Dedicated security component (algorithm, Key,…)
  • Transmitter LORA SX1261/SX1262

To this basis integrated functio, on demand other component as a real GPS can be added, or a magnetometer to know the direction of the object.

1.3 Applications sensor alone :

Applications using for the most part a national public network allowing geolocation throughout the territory.

Because the only use of its own sensors, the module integrated into an object assures:

  • Shock detection on the object,
  • The motion detection of the object,
  • The orientation detection of the object,
  • Periodic or event geo-location,
  • The monitoring of minimum and maximum temperature and/or humidity.

These detections and monitoring, depending on the object associated with it, can cover many fields of application including :

1.3.1 Long Weapons and handguns

The module traces the weapons that are not come back in their slotin the rack at the prescribed times, it transmits the time and the geographical place of its last localisation and when it is used.

1.3.2 Electronic Bracelets

Monitoring of electronic wristbands in different geographic areas with limited access over time.

1.3.3 Works of Art

Supervision of works of art by the module. As soon as a work suffers a very small shock or its orientation in space is altered an alarm is generated. The object can then be traced locally (room) and then plotted on the national Network (roaming option).

1.3.4 Transport of Delicate objects

During transport the module monitors the shock levels and the temperature and humidity differences of the object associated with it. The module manages a real-time alarm on the national or offline network on return to its local fixed or portable gateway.

  • Delicate Object
  • Transport of organs
1.3.5 Remote Monitoring

Monitoring of any type of object requiring temperature, humidity or shock control.

  • Fridge monitoring

1.4 Connected applications :

Applications using for the most part a private network of a range of a few kilometers.

1.4.1 Alarm reporting of a market sensor
  • Presence Detector,
  • Smoke detector,
  • Opening detector
1.4.2 Network Light application

The public lighting is powered by a permanent 240v mains network. The LoRa module is powered by the LED driver and controls the lighting level according to the orders transmitted by the LoRaWan private gateway.

1.4.3 Solar Light application

Solar light may be added to a the public lighting without specific installatiio. Light is powered and rescued by 12v battery. The LoRa module is powered by the LED driver charger and controls the lighting level according to the orders transmitted by the LoRaWan private gateway.

1.4.4 Application Control/identification of non-contact tags

Associated with a badge reader The LoRa module identifies the tag present in its field and ensures the supervision of its presence in a specific room or chest.